June 28th, 2008


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Jeff's promotion and raise were made official this week, so we went and had dinner last night at Macaroni Grill to celebrate. Fried cheese and caesar salads to start, and chicken parm for him and chicken marsala ravioli for me. Not local, not organic, but very, very tasty. :) I'll probably get something vegeterian the next time we go, though (heh, for the twice a year we end up there) - my taste for commercial meat continues to go down.

Afterwards, we chased into work for him for a few minutes, hit Harris Teeter (HT naturals ice cream on sale, $1.71 for a half gallon) and came home. We had a couple of drinks. He did some more work. I finished formatting board minutes. It was a quiet and good ngiht, and that's hard to complain about.

Today I did the farmer's market and library run. Jeff's been off working on someone's computer for awhile. I took a delicious mid-afternoon nap, and cleaned out the fridge, and now I think I'm going to avoid folding clothes by chopping up vegetables for use this week instead.
duct tape

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I totally understand now why redzils has been getting into the beads so hardcore lately. They're pretty, they're shiny, and if you're just stringing them into something simple, they're quick - I made two pretties, one longer and one shorter, in about an hour, while doing other things. Nifty.