April 26th, 2008


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Houdini has been foiled once again, thanks to the Early Warning Kitty System (Copper, yowling up a storm, which she never does at night. Ellie will do a round of the "It's three a.m. and I'm alone and hate it" chorus occasionally, but not Copper). Even though we've been closing the office up at night after the last few incidents, I decided to go check on Lucy, and the little bugger wasn't in her cage.

Luckily, despite the fact that she probably could fit under the door (Jeff says hamsters can scrunch pretty good), she was still in the office (so why was Copper yowling? Concidence, change in smells in the house?) We chased her around for a few minutes and finally got her back in her cage. We traced the problem back to a door on a space needle-like attachment on the cage. It was ajar. We're not sure if Jeff left it ajar earlier or if she popped it open, but there's a heavy measuring tape hanging off of it as a temporary fix (the other doors are twist-tied or otherwise pinned shut.) Whether or not she opened it, Lucy definitely expected the door to still be ajar - we just watched her try to get back out again, be unsuccessful, and get very pissed.

Oy. I should try to go back to bed.
copper and ellie

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I have only 2 goals for the rest of the week: get that thesis draft pushed out, and get the house cleaned.

I want to play some Age of Empires, but I lack sufficient motivation to 1) find my cd drive and get it put back in (it got taken out in favor of a second battery) and 2) find my cd or 3) find the no-cd hack. This is possibly a sign that I should go to bed.