April 24th, 2008


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Things are slowing down, thank bob.

Yesterday was a stats appointment, then ESL class, then a meeting with one of my assistantship bosses, then another stats kid, then home, where I got some work done and some just sitting on the couch going "man, I'm tired." At least my hour of wakefulness a night has moved from 3 am to 4am.

Today, I'd cancelled class, because we were out of material, and I'm tired, they're tired, and they have work to get done. It was glorious. I got my independent study paper draft (very very drafty) pushed out, and some dishes done, and went to Goodwill, where I gave them some clothes and came home with a skirt and shirt (which I think I will be wearing tomorrow to the honor society induction). I came home and ate some lunch and worked on prep for Tuesday and went to school and did some grading and went to class and came home and did some more grading and read some LJ and made salad for dinner and we watched some Star Trek. Not a bad day.