April 21st, 2008

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Done coding interviews. Woot.

(Of course, now I have to turn this great big pile of stuff into a coherent findings section. You see, when you do quantitative stuff, you have specific hypotheses that you're testing, so you report on descriptives for your data set and then report on your hypothesis testing, and it's more clear cut.1 With qualitative, it's... a lot more messy. You have these piles of data, see, and you just have to figure out a place to dive in... )

1. Note that more clear cut does not equal easier.

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At some point, I started writing ridiculously long sentences. I've started realizing that perhaps having a hard time getting under page limits is not necessarily a good thing, and perhaps it's because I'm too damned wordy. (At this point, anyone who interacts with me on a daily basis is laughing hysterically.) This is actually one of the better sentences in my introduction:

At pre-1965 immigration rates, ethnic communities had steady growth rates and were not necessarily dominated by recent immigrants, meaning that the community as a whole had greater incentive to assimilate; however, at today’s immigration rates, ethnic communities continue to be primarily composed of first and second generation immigrants, who may well maintain stronger cultural ties to their countries of origin than previous groups of immigrants (Alba & Nee 1997).

It's going to be a long week.

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So, the ESL teacher called me this morning and said "Hey, all of your guys are either sick or working, why don't you take the morning off?" I thanked him profusely and got off the phone. (I am slowly learning to say "yes" when people make offers like this.) With my bonus morning, I got over to campus and ran some errands (like the cashier's office and mailing books) that I'd been putting off, along with turning in my receipts from Southerns so I can get money. I got the last test that's been turned in so far graded, and tutored some stats, and came home and ate lunch and ran out of steam for a bit (being awake at 4am will do that.) I rewrote my introduction, and now I'm poking at my methods section, while my findings bubble around in the back of my brain. I made a big batch of meatballs - spaghetti and meatballs tonight, meatballs sandwiches on Wednesday,1 and the leftovers (if there are any) into the freezer. (They turned out really, really good too - more moist than normal. The only thing I can think of that I did differently than normal was to use more bread, which still had a little milk that hadn't been soaked up by the bread. I skipped the Worcestershire, and I flattened the meatballs a bit, after reading in a cookbook that it would keep the insides from drying out. It seems to have worked).

Overall, it's been a pretty nice day, and productive.

1. I want to get more consistent at making one meal and getting two out of it. I love cooking, but there is no reason not to save myself some work. So, the meatballs and sauce are already made, and we always have bread, which means that dinner on Wednesday night is just a matter of assembly and throwing together a salad or something. :)