April 17th, 2008


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For someone who didn't own a car a week ago, I put a lot of miles on it yesterday:

House to ESL Class: 3.2 miles
ESL Class to school: 2.0 Miles
School to community college: 8.3 miles
CC to school: 8.3 miles
school to my parents' house: 12.6 miles
round trip from my parents' to Michael's: 22.4 miles
parents' to my house: 12.3 miles
round trip up to towards Madison and back: 50 miles

Total for the day: 119.1

Good grief.

I'm doing the headless chicken thing, and will be doing so until May 6th. I'm going to be posting, because I need to blab, but commenting will be even more spotty than normal and email may take awhile to respond and if I ignore your IM, it's not you, it's me.

In the meantime, send caffiene. Or booze, one.
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