April 13th, 2008

Meet Janeway

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I hadn't said anything about this because we got her off of Ebay Motors, and I wanted to wait until she got here and we made sure she was functional, but, meet Janeway. :) She's a 1996 Nissan Sentra with about 83,000 miles on her, which is fantastic for a car her age.

She's in pretty good shape. There's a couple of little dings, and some surface rust. The radio doesn't work. @#$@#$. I was planning on replacing that pretty quickly anyhow, but it would have been nice if it worked in the meantime. For buying her sight unseen, especially, she's in great shape. Jeff took care of the tags and the registration last week. I need to get her inspected this week.

She's not precisely what I wanted - her gas mileage could be higher - but for the price and me needing a car, she works very well. Eventually, I'll be a real person with a real job, and then I'll be able to afford something better. In the meantime, with some love - she needs an alignment, and Jeff wants to put a suspension on her - she's going to be a great little car, and last a good long time. :)

[ETA]: Radio works! It looks like there was an aftermarket stereo in there, and when they decided to sell the car, they just popped the old one back in without hooking it up. I'm still going to order a new one, because there's no CD player and commercial radio makes me nuts, but I will have music in the meantime. YAY. :)