April 6th, 2008


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Friday: Met with my chair at 9 in the morning. He plied me with coffee, at least. :) I was so not done with my presentation yet. However, we talked about how to turn the words shotgunned onto the screen into something visually interesting, and worked on it some, before his next appointment showed up. I worked on it some more, had fast food Chinese with friends, tutored, stats, got my hair cut (it's now back to my ideal cut, a year after cutting it off short short, and feels so good, and needs about 30 seconds in the morning to deal with. Someone remind me of how happy I am with it now the next time I'm threatening to do something drastic to it) and came home. Jeff followed shortly after. He wanted to get out of the house, so we did B&N and Target and Taco Bell for dinner. Other than my poor sister getting stuck in Cali, it was a great night.

Saturday: Farmer's market, and then tabling for the co-op at Earth Day. It was raining, so we were crammed inside, which made things crowded and zoo-like, and there were issues about the implementation of the day, which I've already grumped about elsewhere and gotten out of my system. My relief never showed, but things had slowed down enough by 4 that I felt okay in packing up and calling it a day, even though the event ran until 5. I ran home, and then we ran out to the library. The rest of the evening was homework and work and complaining about both and feeling brain dead and leftover roast and potatoes for dinner. I did, however, get another presentation draft done, and a much better poster draft down and shipped off to [chair].

Today: Didn't sleep well. Ran down to RDU to pick up Hope. We fed her Bojangles for breakfast and stopped by the parents' to pick up some of her stuff, and got her pointed back to home, caffiene in hand. I took a quick nap, and now I'm doing laundry and wading through another round of book reviews. It's a thrill a minute around here. :)

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My school ID is still missing in action. This is pretty frustrating, not in the least of which because I know as soon as I give up and cancel it (and void the $10 in copy money that's on it, thus bringing my cost up to $25 to replace it, not $15), the damned thing will turn up.