March 29th, 2008


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I slept like rocks last night from 11 to 8, with weird, weird dreams about working for an undertaker

It is pouring rain out there, and I am feeling very lazy, so I need to take inventory, but I'm pretty sure we can get along without a trip to the farmer's market today.

I have a pot of coffee brewing. The kitties are playing with each other (well, okay. Copper and Marty are playing. Ellie is observing). Lucy is tucked up where she is supposed to be. Life is good.
copper and ellie

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Nice day. Got some more grading done. Hope is going out of town, so she brought Jeff's car over, and then I took her over to mom and dad's, and we had dinner and looked at houses and played Uno, and it was lovely. It was very, very comfortable on my parents' couch with NCAA basketball playing, and I didn't want to get up.

I've been doing a little more grading and talking to my Jeff. Our next door neighbors, who formerly rocked a lot, are holding a convention of wannabe gangbangers on their front lawn.1 A very loud convention. Up until 15 minutes or so ago, the kids were out there playing too (at 11 at night, in 43 degree weather. WTF?) I'm not about to go out there and ask them to shut the hell up, but I wish they would.2

I can't wait to get moved out of the city. You know who I want for our next neighbors? Cows.

1. Okay. Around here, maybe not so much with the wannabe.

2. And finally, blessedly, as I type this, they have.
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