March 26th, 2008

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This morning's verdict: 98% better. YAY. :) And today is a short day. YAY. :)

One of my dear students emailed in sick yesterday, saying they were recovering from a stomach virus. So, there it is. Of course, if it was the same one I had, she didn't know she was sick until she was falling over, so it's not her fault for coming to class Thursday.

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I had forgotten that getting un-parallel parked can be more difficult that getting into a parallel parking spot.

There is free (yes, free) no time limit parking right next to my building, if you can be lucky enough to grab a slot. There's also plentiful free two-hour parking within just a couple of blocks of my building, as well as right next to the building (well, the ones right next to the building are often full). I've had no problems parking the last two days, and have spent a whole $1 on parking (and that was because I was running late for a meeting and parked in the deck by the student center, which was the closest available parking). As someone who went to State, where if you wanted to park between 8 and 5, August to May, you were pretty funny, I fail to see why the biggest issue that people have been bitching about in committee meetings this semester hasn't been health insurance (though that's been a close second) or student services or anything like that, but parking.

Ahem. Well, I got that off my chest.

It's GORGEOUS out there. Too bad I spent all afternoon inside tutoring stats. I'm going to pop open some windows and do some dishes.
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