February 28th, 2008


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This week I have:

- made a lot of bread
- been to the meet-up for the Raleigh-Durham TechShop with Jeff and ambermae and gorski and feebdaed. I would lay reasonable odds that I was the only sociologist in the place. A couple of NCSU's finest geeks showed up, and I was recognized by a guy that I hadn't seen in literally 12 years. I was sitting there saying that I was preparing to be amused by who was showing up and that I wasn't going to be surprised if I saw someone I hadn't seen in years, or something like that, and this guy pipes up "Yea, something like this?" He was the best friend of a guy I dated for 6 months my freshman year at State. That was random.
- been to hear Michael Dyson talk last night, which was just amazing. Holy cow. I've never seen a mix of oratory and intellectual like that.
- done a lot of grading.
- successfully made it to spring break, part one
- gotten more interviews scheduled for next week, glory be
- done a lot of reading
- not slept well
- had nightmares about not sleeping well, which is just so not fair.


I need to go finish packing for ambermae's bridal shower.