February 1st, 2008


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Today wasn't a bad day. I did some housework and work work in the morning, and spent some time on the phone dealing with student health (nothing's wrong, just routine stuff), and then biked off to campus. It was pissing rain outside, so I got good and soaked. I prefer biking in the rain to walking, on the theory that I get where I'm going faster and have less time to get rained on, but it was coming down pretty hard. I had to run to student health to pick up my meds, and by the provost's office to pick up a movie that I'd absentmindedly left in the conference room after the committee meeting last night. At least there isn't a much safer place to leave it.

I did some class prep, and then a bunch of us girls trooped out for sushi. We're trying to plan a once monthly lunch thing, to get us out of the building and being social. We'll see how this theory holds up. I had a lovely sushi combo, with a large piece of shrimp and 3 large pieces of different kinds of tuna, and a california roll, and miso soup, and edamame, and it came out to a whole $13. Not bad at all. Good prices, good fish, I'll be headed back.

I came home, did some dishes, pretended I was going to do some work for awhile, curled up with a book, and took a short nap.

It's been a good day. :)

Dinner's in the oven - pork tenderloin, twice baked potatoes, bread pudding - and smells wonderful. I'm poking at test writing, which really needs to get done this weekend, and Jeff has been doing homework (which is funny, after years of having him listen to me muttering at my readings, to have the tables turned.) Life is good.