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Subject to editing as always. - tonight: crab legs (thank you… 
5th-Sep-2009 11:05 am

Subject to editing as always.

- tonight: crab legs (thank you Jeff's mom), broccoli if we get out to the co-op, chicken or leftover tacos for Jeff [ended up, crab legs, tomatoes broiled with breadcrumbs & cheese, watermelon, and tacos for Jeff. NOMS.]
- tomorrow night: Shepard's pie or meatloaf - there's ground beef that needs using from last night's tacos [ended up doing meatballs, biscuits, watermelon, and cucumbers; bonus: leftover meatballs to go in the freezer]
- Monday: finger foods - falafel, sausage balls, maybe bacon wrapped dates, mini-quiches (if I can find the muffin tins), raw vegetables - with the idea of freezing leftovers for breakfast/snacks/quick dinners
- Tuesday: something fast; maybe I'll get a bag of ravioli, or we could do salad
- Wednesday: precooked ribs that Jeff's mom got at the store, corn
- Thursday: goulash in the crockpot
- Friday: corn chowder & clam chowder
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