joyce (joyce) wrote,

warning. lots of rambling. =]

actually, that was one of the many long overdue doctor's appointments. and there's other stuff that needs to get done that isn't doctor related.

notes to self:

- gyn
- eye doctor
- DMV, after i go to Seattle... i need a photo ID for that, and Cali doesn't give you an license on the spot, they give you a piece of paper promising you a license. =]
- dentist


anyone have recommendations for a decent gyn/eye doc/dentist in the south bay/downtown San Jose area? preferrably someone with extended hours?

that's one of the things i love about the doctor i go to. weekend hours, and they take walkins. i was out in under an hour this morning, no appointment, which around here is pretty good. another office that i called to try to get an appointment didn't have them for a month. sheesh. what is someone supposed to do if they're really sick? and they're really nice, to top it off... i miss home sometimes, where the family doctor was also a family friend, and if we needed something, (like blood drawn for my damned thyroid, *mutter*) we could just call them up and get fitted in.

of course, he was also the only doctor running his practice, and it was a small town and he was popular, because he was good doctor, so there were times that you had an appointment and waited an hour beyond that. but the one time i managed to sprain an ankle to the point of needing xrays (as opposed to just slapping an ace bandage on it and limping around like normal) we got in right away, first thing in the morning. he was a good doctor. he was one of the few doctors my mom trusts - you think i despise going to the doc and will put it off as long as possible? my mom's much worse.

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