December 19th, 2007


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I ran errands in the morning (Petsmart to visit the rescue kittens, which made me bawl like a baby. I'm not normally that bad, but there were a couple that were so attention starved and so friendly; Target for this and that, mostly Christmas related [and where I was denied toffee Hersey's kisses. Every other kind in the world, but not toffee]; the Friendly Center to pick up a gift and mail something and grab a bagel for lunch; and finally out to the co-op to fold newsletters.) There was lots of on and off GTA, including riding all the way back into downtown and all the way back out of downtown for a trip that's 3 miles, total - a 3 miles I would happily have walked, if there were decent sidewalks for the last bit of it. Seriously, I feel safer on my bike than on foot on that stretch of Spring Garden, if that tells you anything. There was a lot of texting to Jeff, and at least all of the time on the bus meant a lot of reading. :) I also got in that stupid employment app this morning (well, mailed it in), so, yay.

Jeff came out after work and folded newsletters with me, and then we came home and ate some tacos for dinner and watched some Voyager, and now I'm tired, and I'm going back out early tomorrow to fold more newsletters. So, it's time to go crawl in with the heating pad and the kittens and go read about the afterlife.
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