November 18th, 2007

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Yesterday was farmer's market, library, Subway for lunch, and Deep Roots. We got home and unloaded everything, and most of the afternoon was more sleeping (on my part, since I was still recharging my batteries) and being lazy and making bread and potatoes for the dinner we'd be invited to. One of our friends from my program invited us over for dinner at her house last night with a bunch of other people, so we went and had a bunch of good food and beer and wine and conversation, and were out way later than we normally are, and thus, didn't get to sleep until much later than normal (2 for me, which is unheard of). Alas, my brain popped awake at 7:30 this morning and said "hey, it's morning, isn't that great hey how's it going?" It's been a day for naps. Right now, the whole household is sacked out except for me. Ellie is on top of the kitchen cabinets, Copper is on the back of my chair, and Marty is in my chair. Not in my lap, just in my chair, so I'm perched on the front of it. Silly critters.
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