November 4th, 2007


we escape the asylum

So, yesterday we packed up and headed up to the abode of the lovely redzils for the night. (One of my classmates was kind enough to volunteer to house sit, and so we got away for the first night together since the slightly ill-fated Seattle trip two summers ago.) First, we got up and headed out to the farmer's market way earlier than we normally make it, got back here and did a little more cleaning up so the house wasn't too messy for poor Marshica, and then we got on the road. We got a little lost getting to Footballsburg, as there are two business routes with the same freaking highway number very very near each other, but we got straightened out and eventually arrived. We got the car unloaded, engaged in the by now ritual exchange of books, and gifted her with tea and chocolate. I needed lunch in a bad way, so we went out and hit Taco Bell, then wandered around Books a Million, securing coffee (a decent Americano) as we entered the store. We ran a couple of errands, and then went back home, where we walked the puppy and just hung out for awhile and admired the new sword case before it was time to head out for dinner. We went to a funky little local mostly vegetarian place downtown, with slow service but great people watching opportunities and very tasty food. We'd talked about a movie but decided we felt like being social instead, so we lingered and chatted over our very leisurely dinner (see also, slow service) before heading back to her house, where we tucked into the apple pie we'd made and brought up with us and and the pumpkin roll she'd gotten at the farmer's market. We listened to music and visited some more before we all finally realized that collapse was imminent and headed off to bed.

This morning, we walked the puppy back into downtown, hit the happy local indy coffee shop for our morning dose of caffeine (with some of the best hot chocolate I've had in awhile), came home, got showers, and had breakfast (eggs, toast, and round two of dessert). We headed out to nearby Smallcity, where we wandered what is apparently a pretty thriving farmer's market on Saturdays, and is less so on Sundays, eventually got our afternoon dose of caffeine at yet another coffee shop (a passable cup of drip), wandered into the local hippy store, tried to wander into the bead store (closed), wandered into the indy bookstore, where we might have been tempted to buy books if it weren't for the apparent owner being way too pushy at me and a jerk to Zils, dithered about what to do about lunch, and eventually ended up at the mall, where we ate food court Chinese and browsed B&N, where Zils and I exchanged gift cards for books (magic, that), and then we headed back to her house by way of Petsmart. Then it was time to pack up and head home.

So, short version: coffee, books, lot of chatting, dessert. A pretty typical visit with the redzils.

To get home, we quite literally had to pass by my middle sister's exit, so we stopped and had dinner with her. She had leftover chicken stew from last night's chicken stew dinner at my childhood church, so that was supper, and let me tell you folks, that stuff is damn, damn good. She sent us home with quart, since she has an unholy amount in her freezer. We eventually got back on the road again, and made good time to home. The kitties were happy to see us.

Excellent weekend. I wish tomorrow weren't Monday. :) It's time to head to bed with a book, as the time change is messing with my head.