October 8th, 2007


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So, the walking on Mondays and Wednesdays and Fridays (which replaced the jogging, when my knees and hips and ankles got angry) is being supplanted by tennis with a friend from my program. We suck, a lot, but it's fresh air and a lot of exercise and it's a lot harder to talk myself out of it when someone else is counting on me showing up. I'm not convinced my joints are ultimately going to be happier with the tennis, but, we'll see.

However, tennis in 92 degree weather? Monumentally sweaty. Yuck.

Also, I'm still trying to get it through to the stats kids that if they don't show their work, I can't figure out where they fracked up. We're also getting to one of the bits of stats that I'm very very good at, which makes grading homework quick work, but class tedious. Ah well.

Another bit on my thesis got checked off today. Woot. :)

I need to talk to the professor teaching undergraduate soc of ed next semester and see what work I'd have to do if I audited. I'm annoyed because they were going to teach a graduate version and it got canceled. I'd think about asking her for an independent study, but I'm already using my second one on something else. But, I'd like to sit in on the class, and the scheduling works. Ho, hum, dither.

Finally, does anyone beside me read Kage Baker's Company novels? I've tried, without much luck, to get a couple of folks hooked, and I'd love to have someone to babble at a bit about Alec and Mendoza and Lewis and Joseph.
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