August 31st, 2007


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I've got to figure out where to put meals on the new schedule. I keep coming home ready to burn down the universe, and it takes a few minutes to realize it's because I need to eat.

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Um, where's my week gone?

Wednesday was a blur of early review session, attending the undergrad stats clas, going to the gym, getting some work done, homemade pizza for dinner and watching Enterprise. Yesterday was attending 101, swimming, running another review session, working on proposal, office hours, and errands/window shopping with Jeff (normally I'd have class on Thursday nights, but not last night.) Today was a couple hours of work out at the co-op, helping a student with homework, undergrad stats, the gym, housecleaning, and having a friend from my program and a couple of her friends (nice guys) over for dinner (burgers on the grill) and games. It's been a nice few days, but the week has just disappeared out from under me.
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