August 26th, 2007


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So, yesterday was the farmer's market/library run. In the afternoon, we sat around and talked and read and played on laptops. Dinner was Moe's.

This morning, we got up and I fixed breakfast, then we got Jeff's mom packed up, and then it was time to take her to the airport. Afterwards, there was Taco Bell for lunch (making 5 of our last 6 meals tacos or their cousins. We have a problem.) We ran errands at Target and Deep Roots (I have fresh figs; I win), and now we're home. The rest of the day holds dishes (oy, the dishes), grading, Star Trek, and an early bedtime.

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Hah! I win. :) My shuffle plays music I've purchased again, without having to call Apple, thank bob (good suggestion, blackspiral66, but I hate calling tech support... :) ) I reset the shuffle from inside of iTunes instead of with the reset utlity that came with it, and that did the trick.

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Academic to-do list for the summer:

- finish the lit review
- narrow down topic; pick groups to study; research design
- start IRB application
- start proposal


- complete article for submission based off class project
- finish lit review for co-authored paper
- continue work on book proposal
- create CV
- update resume
- complete seminar readings