August 22nd, 2007

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Dear braintrust:

My dear, dear Damian-the-ipod-shuffle, is living up to its name and has stopped playing purchased content. I consulted the Apple gods, and verily, they directed me to this page. I have tried everything listed on that page. I've reinstalled the newest version of iTunes (twice), I've deauthorized and reauthorized my computer (twice), I've restored Damian (once), I've recreated my library (once). It's any purchased content. Anyone else had this happen and have any suggestions?



[eta]: p.s., I reset it again and renamed it, and it still isn't working. Feh.
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Is anyone else on Good Reads? I'd signed up for an account awhile back, and then not done anything with it, and then charlie_ego poked me with a friend request this week, so now I'm finally adding books. Anyone else around? I'm marked, predictably, as "joyce", and it's first name dot last name @ gmail.
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