August 11th, 2007


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Marty is a morning cat. In fact, she's the only creature in this household who likes mornings. As soon as one of us is up (usually me, on the weekends), she is ready to play ("oh hay it's a human and they're awake and they can throw me toys yay yay woo toys"), which is unfortunate for the person who is still trying to sleep.

The other two, on the other hand, are still sensibly in bed with Jeff.

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We've had social plans of some variety or the other for the last four weekends. While it's all been very fun, and we love everyone involved, it's no wonder we're a little fried. And the next two weekends after this, Jeff's mom is going to be here, and the weekend after that is Labor Day. So. We're hiding out from the world this weekend. :)

Last night involved salad for dinner and watching the Bourne Supremacy in preparation for going and seeing the Bourne Ultimatum today (found a theater that does $3.75 matinees. Score. We were going to go last weekend, but last weekend was looney.)1 Short version: very, good, very fun, the camera work was a little shaky, I have tech toy envy, and a nice ending to the series. Afterwards, we ran some errands (which was supposed to include dropping off supremegoddess1's book, dammit, and it was in the back seat and we forgot) and came home and ate over easy egg tacos for dinner.

1. Trailers: We Own the Night (cop flick, looks probably not bad, a netflixer), American Gangster (Denzel Washington, looks really good, still a netflixer though, because it won't need a big screen), Beowolf (looks great), something joe random about a guy who goes after the punks who killed his kid that I have zero interest in, a teaser for the next Batman movie (hells yea), and National Treasure: Book of Secrets (I know what we're doing December 21st).