July 10th, 2007


(no subject)

I'm still digesting all of the info from the house post, and then I'll get to responding to comments. However, you guys are great. :)

This morning was spent chasing up to the town I spent most of my childhood in (and hadn't been back to since my parents moved up here), looking at places for Hope to live, as she's transferring to a school near there this fall. Man, that was trippy. Nothing much looks like it's changed... and at the same time, it has. We cruised by the house we lived in... it hasn't been well taken care of, and it looked much better in sunflower yellow. :)

It just thundered. This is filled with yay; hopefully this means that the barometer in my head will shut itself off.

I took a sleeping pill last night for the first time ever, in desperate hopes of getting some good sleep, and still woke up several times. @#$@#$@#$. However, each time, I was only awake for 10 minutes or so, not, oh, an hour and a half at a time, so this was an improvement. Still.

Tonight is movie night. Pizza and cucumber salad and brownies for dinner, yay.