July 7th, 2007


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Last night, I took Jeff out for a (belated) celebratory dinner, to celebrate his getting hired permanently at his job. We went up to the Mexican joint next to campus that we'd been wanting to try. The food in general was a couple notches better than your standard generic Mexican sit down, the prices were reasonable, and the rice was amazing, on the order of some of the best rice I've ever had, anywhere. We'll be going back.

We came home and had a couple of kamikazees and watched an episode of Voyager, and I was out like at light by 10:30, for my second good night of sleep in a row (well, except for waking up at 2am, convinced that demons were going to get me - that's what I get for watching this yesterday.) It was a good night.
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yesthatjill! S. M. Stirling apparently is writing a new triology, starting with The Sunrise Lands, set in the same world as the Dies the Fire triology. Woot. :)

(Of course, I haven't actually gotten around to reading A Meeting at Corvallis yet. I should fix that.)

(So, A Meeting at Corvallis was in out September of 2006, Sky People was out in November of 2006, Sunrise is coming out this September... and these are not small books. I'm starting to think S. M. Stirling is really some sort of writing robot. :) )

excellent day

We hit the farmer's market and the library this morning, and then wandered off to Kernersville to check out a bookstore (verdict: cute, small selection, wish they were in Greensboro so they could order things for us. Greensboro doesn't have non-used indy bookstores). We came home for awhile and sacked out for awhile (we did Bojangles for lunch, and it was not agreeing with me). Mom had called this morning to see if we wanted to come over for dinner, so eventually we traipsed over there for dinner (grilled pork tenderloin, pasta salad, grilled zucchini and mushrooms, num) and conversation and Scrabble.

And now it's 11 pm already. How did that happen?
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