June 21st, 2007

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I had a new experience in cat ownership parenthood last night - giving them pills. Thankfully, Jeff had done it before, and with two of us, it wasn't all that bad, but I'd had to try to do that with one person.

We made some fantastic chicken teriyaki for dinner last night.

I woke up from a dream this morning that I was a Cylon, and we were having a weekend retreat about how to be better Cylons. I woke up as they were giving us ballroom dance lessons; my partner sucked and couldn't lead for anything, but was a nice guy.

I woke up because Marty pounced on my chest and then snuggled in to go back to sleep. That was nice. :)

Yesterday was my mom's birthday - she's 56, how did that happen? - but due to scheduling quirks, we couldn't do anything with our whole family yesterday, so they picked me up this morning and we hit IHOP for a delayed family birthday breakfast (signs you've grown up - your dad doesn't argue with you when you and your sister split the check [1]). We had a giggly, chatty time. :) My rule when going to breakfast is to try to get things that I don't make at home (actually, that's pretty much my rule for going out to eat, period) so I got stuffed French toast. Oh, my, that's good stuff. If you find yourself at IHOP anytime soon, I highly recommend it - everyone at the table except for my dad had it, and we all thought it was very tasty. I'm getting ready to have my second piece for second breakfasts now. :)

[1] ... which resulted in a confused waitress and having to reboot the cash register. Oy.
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"You can't run a vacuum cleaner on 12 amps!"

I'm watching Apollo 13 while folding laundry this morning (oy, the laundry). It's one of my favorite "smart people save the day by being smart" movies. The scene where they dump out the box full of parts and say "okay, you guys need to make something that looks like this, now" is just great. :) What's your favorite smart people movie?
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So, I folded something like 10 loads of laundry today - something stupid, it was swallowing the guest room - and put in 20 minutes on thesis stuff (it would have been longer, but I was overcome with a wave of sleepy. Seriously. I went and faceplanted for an hour) and 15 minutes on reading for the fall (the idea being that if I try to put in 15 minutes on each a day, it'll be easier to put in more, and maybe I'll finally start getting stuff done instead of just stomping around saying I need to work on my thesis. Motivation has not been my friend lately.) I talked to a friend I hadn't talked to in awhile and made tacos for dinner. I'll count this as a productive day. :)