June 12th, 2007


off to see the wizard

I'm running away for a couple of days, down to jeni and huxley_boy's place. I'm going down on the late train tomorrow night and coming back up on the early early train Friday morning. For once, Amtrak's schedule exactly suits my needs, woot.

Work yesterday was good. I felt a little more like I knew what I was doing over Friday, and my kids were a little more prepared. My last kid did this annoying thing that I have a bad habit of doing, where he thought he knew what I was going to say, so he interupted and said it, but he was wrong. It was really, really annoying to experience, something I need to remember.

Today is a day off; I'm doing my co-op time tomorrow morning. Space movie night tomorrow night; we're up to Star Trek VI. Life is good. :)

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It took over a year at this address, but we've had our first visit from the Jehovah's Witnesses. However, they were friendly and went away easily enough when I said "no thank you have a good day now take care," so I didn't mind. I was, however, slightly amused that it was three older African-American men and a Hispanic man - makes me wonder if it was pure coincidence (unlikely) or deliberately pegged to the neighborhood (more likely). One of these days, I'll get some funding and study religious marketing; it'd be pretty interesting.
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I love technology. Jeff gifted me yesterday with a 1 gig thumb drive, so I can stop emailing stuff back and forth to myself (I keep Damian-the-ipod-shuffle loaded up on music) on the days when I'm not hauling Boomer around. 1 GIG. I've owned hard drives - large, unwieldy hard drives - that had much less space than this teensy little literally thumb-sized drive.