May 16th, 2007


ode to Ms. stagger_lee77

I went to high school with stagger_lee77, which means I've known her for a damned long time now. She's smart, fun, and funny. She's figuring out what she wants from life (something that a lot of us from that high school took a long time to figure out) and she's going after it with singlemindedness and determination. She's good to her friends, good to supremegoddess1, good to her family, and good to her pets. She is unabashedly herself, and unapologetic about who she is.

She's a good person to know, in general, and someone that I'm glad to know, even if I never get it together to hang out with her and Kim.

(She is also officially old in about a month. hee! *ducks*)
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Oh, man. I'd never had cheese souffle before, and I'd been wanting to try it, so I made it for dinner tonight. Oh, my word. It's basically baked cheese sauce, with enough egg to hold it together. It was so very very good, but one of those dishes that I'll want about twice a year. Even I have limits for how much rich food I'm going to want very often.

But, oh, wow, it was good...