May 7th, 2007

weekend edition

Saturday, we did our farmer's market thing and our library thing. We played a lot of Deus Ex. I worked on that fracking methods final. We watched a little Voyager. We made enchilada pie for dinner.

Yesterday was more of the same. Deep Roots and other errands, laundry, dishes. Working on that methods final. More Deus Ex, more Voyager, salad for dinner. I finished my grading for the semester (!) which was terribly exciting. I took my staffing tests (verily, I am so glad they do those things online these days. Verily, one day I should learn how to do mail merges, so that I will get them all right instead of getting 28 out of 30. Yes, it was the same test I took last summer for another staffing agency.)

Today the main task is to finish that final, but I've a bunch of other errands too. And tonight's movie night, yay.
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All I have left is my discussion and conclusion sections (how is it that I hadn't written those yet), a little rearranging on my lit review, and one last read through. *pant, pant pant*