March 7th, 2007


I love our cats

Marty is asleep on my shoulders. Her ass is on one shoulder, her head on the other, arms and legs akimbo for balance. As long as she doesn't start snoring, we're in good shape.
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So Jeff and I and three of the folks in my program, that I like very much, met up at M'Coul's, where there was a lot of booze (Me: "How much are pints, and how much are pitchers?" Waitress: "Pints are five, pitchers are twelve." Me: "Well, then, by all means, will someone help me drink a pitcher?" In the end, there were two pitchers (and at least 6 glasses out of each pitcher, making it a much better deal), and it ended up being someone else's treat, which was very sweet, and even with 3 other people helping to drink the pitchers, I'm still tipsy) and some food and 3 and a half hours of non-stop loud hilarious conversation, and it was a very good evening and just what we all needed.

Bed soon.