February 23rd, 2007

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It has been warm and sunny lately (hell, it was 70 degrees yesterday.) Can I just tell you what this has done for my mood and productivity? It has been days since I expressed the desire to desire to crawl back into bed and hide for a few days. I didn't get out in it much yesterday, but I had the windows open and the blinds up and it felt really good to be able to hang my clothes out in warmth, not freezing cold.

I have not been doing well with winter this year.

Yesterday, I washed three loads of clothes, hung them out to dry, and then - this is the amazing part - actually folded them up and put them away, along with all of my clean clothes that were threatening a hostile takeover of the guest room. I finished my Durkheim outline and shipped it off to my professor. I read two (huge) articles for methods on Monday. I knocked out some dishes. I shipped off a second draft of survey questions and hypotheses and revisions to the current survey questions to my methods prof. I got to talk a lot to faecat. I caught up on blog postings so Jeff can proofread them. My todo list for the week is long but very doable, so long as I can keep up the productivity. And then it'll be spring break... :)
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