February 21st, 2007

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Marty and Ellie sacked out together at the foot of my side of the bed last night, and didn't flinch when Copper hopped on and off the bed most of the night. Yay!
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(no subject)

I got home this afternoon after spending 4 hours locked in the grad lounge at school, finishing my latest set of paper grading, and realized that I'd not done anything much specifically for me since... Saturday or so? Sunday was errands and homework and grading and family time and time with Jeff, and Monday was a blur of grading and homework and class, and yesterday was mostly spent up at school, covering class for a prof (not as fancy as it sounds, I took attendance and introduced guest speakers) and then having space geek movie night. A nice set of days, but no me-time in there.

So I spent the afternoon sacked out with a fun book, on the couch with kittens in my lap (Marty and Copper, ass to ass, napping on the couch together. Progress!), and in a warm bath with my book, and then sacked out for a brief nap with Copper. I caught up on posting to our food blog, and made dinner, and we watched Fantastic Four, and I feel much more human now. Durkheim will there tomorrow (all day tomorrow. I owe the first large hunk of my independent study tomorrow.)

And now it's back off to bed, with my book. (And Jeff, and the cats... :) )