February 17th, 2007


Meet Copper

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So, a couple of weeks ago, a friend of our friend redzils found a kitten in a dumpster. They looked long and hard for her original family, but no one responded. Red has been fostering Copper for a couple weeks, and last night, brought her down to live with us. (It looks like she's been spayed, which means she's had her shots, and she was tested for Feline Leukemia and FIV this week and came back clear.)

She's a pretty girl - she looks a lot like Ellie, as you can see (compare the userpic and the flickr pic. Userpic is Ellie, flickr is Copper.) We're not sure if she's going to stay Copper or be renamed. She's friendly - she climbed up into bed for a bit of scritch and cuddle and kneed at 3am this morning. She's underweight and all arms and legs and a tail that's way too long for her (and the ears!) but we'll soon deal with that.

Introductions between the three kittens didn't go as well as I'd hoped but better than they could have. There was much hissing and growling and posturing and hiding on the part of Mary and Elllie, and Marty went apeshit yowling (Copper, meantime, has been very well behaved, and has been running around, exploring the house, and giving the other two a wide berth.) There's definitely a nap in mine and Jeff's future, as neither of us slept terribly heavily, one ear listening for the massive cat fight that never happened. In fact, the only blood shed so far has been from Ellie taking a swipe at Jeff's nose last night, and things have settled down quite a bit today (which is good, because I had a bit of a meltdown this morning, since my sweet loving Marty was acting like something out of The Exorcist. I had no idea she could screech that loud.) We're feeling pretty optimistic that in a few days, everyone will be getting along fine.

I hope.

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So, a little bit ago, Marty was curled up in my desk chair and watched Copper wander into the office. She watched Copper wander around the office, sit in the big orange reading chair, and wander out. A good 20 seconds after Copper had left the office, Marty hissed. It was as if she had said to herself, Oh, yea, must hiss. Must show that I'm still annoyed. Hiss hiss.