February 9th, 2007


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Holy wow, that was fun.

Mid-afternoon, a buddy from school pings me. "Hey, we've got extra tickets for Squirrel Nut Zippers tonight, you guys wanna go?" After some discussion, we decided regretfully that we really didn't need to shell out the money for the tickets and gas and dinner out right now, unexpectedly out of budget, so we declined.

A little while later, she pings me again and says "Apparently we're not selling these tickets, we're giving them away, if we can't find anyone to take them, will you guys come, please?"

At 6pm, it was "No takers. Pick you up in half an hour?"

So we went. :) We had dinner at Weaver Street Market (tofu, tabuleh, mushrooms, and this really really excellent chocolate pudding. Total? $5. Dang) with some of her dancing buddies that were also going to the show, and then wandered over to the Cat's Cradle. The opening band was actually really good (and the lead singer enunciated! I could make out 90 percent of what he was singing!) and the Zippers were excellent. Add in some great conversation in the car on the way down there and back, and it was a most excellent evening. Thank you, universe, for classes that got moved, tickets that needed using, and lovely friends. Amen.
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I hadn't gotten to hang out with my mom in quite awhile, so Faith brought her over her today, and the three of us went downtown to the fancypants yarn store to drool a bit (well, mom and I drooled; Faith waited, not being a yarny person) and then went and wandered around the mall for awhile, window shopping and getting some walking in and having Chinese food for lunch. We came back over here, we talked knitting for awhile, and now they've left to go home. All around, it was a nice time.

I should do homework, but I'm not sure I can keep my eyes open... a nap is sounding right good, instead.