February 6th, 2007


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Yesterday was good in some ways. I had my annual thyroid appointment. I got there a little early, and was out of there 5 minutes after my scheduled appointment time (a lot of folks have nothing good to say about student health organizations, but I always gotten better care at student health, both at State and here, than anywhere else. Here is better than State was. Which reminds me, I still need to email kudos to women's health.) (And my results were already back this morning. I'm fine, they'll see me in a year. Woot.) I got a nice bike ride in and back to the doctors (I need air in my tires.) (Lady at the reception desk: "Wow, did you ride your bike?" No, I'm just carrying around my helmet and seat for the hell of it...) I got a lot of work done in the afternoon. The professor I grade for said that I did a fantastic job on the first round of papers I graded. Class was somewhat enjoyable.

Yesterday was annoying in some ways. I hate, hate, hate people who break glass in bike lanes. WTF? I also hate people who pass me in a no-passing zone ten yards from a red light. Again, WTF? That saved them no time at all... And lastly, insert the standard rant about classmates that don't do the readings and don't do the work and don't talk in class and expect the rest of us to carry the discussion, which we do, because we want the profs to know that we did the work. They're going to end up with the same degree that I do, and that annoys me. (They won't end up with the same chances of getting into a phd program, the same recommendations, the same encouragement to publish and stretch and expand myself in my field that I and other folks get. I hope.)

So, yea. I was talking with gorski yesterday about how boring our lives have been getting. It's a pleasent boring, and I'm not complaining, but it does make for a lack of material to post about. :)
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Two notes:

1. I'd had several friends recommend Walk Away the Pounds videos, so I finally caved, on the grounds that if I have something I can do easily in my own living that involves walking, for bob's sake, I've no excuse not to exercise. I got the One Mile Easy Walk/Two Mile Brisk Walk combo off of Amazon for cheap, and I really like it; I think I may be getting one of the three milers soon. The one mile is easy, and only 15 minutes, so good if you've convinced yourself that you don't want to do anything that day but you need to do something, and the two mile is a half an hour of real exercise. Highs have been in the 30s lately (50!! tomorrow. :) ) so exercise that can be done in my living room is double-plus good. Recommended.

2. However, after doing the videos a couple of times, the music gets old and the patter even older. So I mute the video and play my own music. To that end, let me recommend something I found this weekend: Podrunner, one hour long mixes specifically designed for running (but they work fine for walking, too.) Great music with a good beat. Yay. :)