February 3rd, 2007


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So The Plan had been to go run errands yesterday, have coffee with the job candidate, and finish grading papers, and to spend today at home in my pajamas, watching movies and cooking an unholy pile of food, and maybe sneaking in a little bit of homework. Mother Nature intervened and closed school yesterday, so instead I finished grading papers yesterday and prepped most of the pile of food. Today I did dishes like a banshee in the morning and made the brownies for tonight, went and ran the ton of errands, went to the candidate's research presentation, got home an hour before everyone else arrived, and except for not having all the dishes done before everyone got here, it even managed to look like I planned it this way.

We ate:

- baugettes with butter and cheese (Cotswold with chives and onions, vintage, muenster, and havarti)
- bruschetta
- steak, teriyaki tofu, and Italian sausage on the grill
- twice baked potatoes
- stuffed mushrooms
- brownies and ice cream

There was going to be salad, but we ended up not needing it. We drank local wine and sparkling cider and a lot of diet Dr. Pepper. We played Hearts, the ugliest game of Careers I've ever seen (we all almost ended up bankrupt), Scrabble, and Wise and Otherwise (pretty much a Balderdash clone).

We laughed a lot. It was a splendid day and evening. I've very very tired now, though, so I'm going to go rinse off the smell of the grill and put my butt to bed. :)
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