January 21st, 2007


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1. Our house will, indeed, hold 15 adults at once. This is impressive, since it's an 850 square foot house and we weren't actually socializing in the kitchen or our bedroom. The guest room and the office did, however, get pressed into service.

2. Nutty crunchy organic turkeys apparently pack the giblets in paper. This is a very good thing, indeed.

3. My first turkey was pretty damned good. It could have been more moist, but, it was not bad at all, and the leftovers are going to make fine turkey soup and perhaps salad.

4. I'm pretty sure that we had a net gain of food. Mmm, salad.

5. We had a redzils parked in our guest room. This is the good.

6. It's way, way past my bedtime.
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Dear Amazon:

Would it really be that hard to do a zip-code check before you send out email to people? I am so not your target audience for such "winter essentials" as a "18-Inch 12 Amp Electric Curve Snow Thrower." I'm just saying.

- joyce
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- shipping redzils back home early because of the flipping weather. Hrmph.
- four episodes of The West Wing. next comes election day. Oh my gosh, it's gotten so, so good again. [/fangirl]
- homework! who'd've believed it. three articles read, presentation notes written. woot.
- lots of an Agatha Christie novel.
- writing blog posts.

Not a bad day. I'll take it. :)


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I've been discovering and playing with new modes on the camera lately (I'd never done a lot more than simply pointing and pushing the button before.) I found black and white mode the other day, and discovered today that it takes much better pictures of our black and white kitten than normal mode does. This one was my favorite of the batch (and the one where she held most still.)