January 2nd, 2007


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So, I read 43 books this past year (compared to 2005's 86 and 70 in 2004. This was a low year for me (though much better than the years I lived in Utah and California, and pretty much didn't read, period. There wasn't any one book that stood out as best this year; I compulsively read a lot of series fiction (Laurie King [and now I'm caught up to Laurie King, and won't have a new Russell book until 2008 (!)], Jasper Fforde, Kage Baker, Dorothy Gilman, all highly recommended) and the newest books in a few more favorite series (Margaret Maron, Sure Grafton, Janet Evanovich, J. D. Robb, also all highly recommended.) If you like short and funny and about books, you'd like 81, Charing Cross Road; if you like thoughtful sci fi, you'll either love or hate Calculating God (I rather liked it, myself). Middlesex was probably the best book I read this past year, from a literary standpoint, but I certainly got as much enjoyment out of the series fiction.

I've spent years making elaborate plans of "I'm going to read one non-fiction and one book in translation and one this and one that per month" and I never do it, so this year I'm just going to read whatever catches my fancy, and just focus on reading more than I did this past year, and not letting grad school get in the way of reading for pleasure.

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This is the picture for the day, my sister Faith's Christmas gifts to us: 2 paintings of our cats, Marty and Ellie. We got the paintings hung today, which is pretty impressive for us; often, stuff like this keeps getting put off. We were really, really touched by the present. Also, it's nice to have art and such on the walls - it makes it feel a little more like we live here, and a little less like we're just occupying the space.