So, that was cool. Jeff and I had belonged to the Y here for awhile,… 
1st-Sep-2009 08:50 pm
So, that was cool.

Jeff and I had belonged to the Y here for awhile, but for a variety of reasons, had decided to switch to the campus rec center (mostly money - $40 a month for the two of us together, versus $72). The pool hours are odd but fit into our schedule. Most of our gym interest is swimming; right now, we have other things (walking, biking, geocaching) to do for other exercise.

So we went down to campus this afternoon to get our memberships set up and go swimming. I had a head of steam going - since I'm not real faculty, I had to provide a copy of my appointment letter, and we were going to have to pay three months in advance because they can't do payroll deductions since I'm not real faculty, and I was just annoyed at how the system in general treats adjunct faculty (not my institutions in particular. They're actually generally pretty awesome.) Anyhow, we're standing there filling out the forms, and... those of you who haven't met me in person, I'm a chatterer. It drives the people in my life crazy. :) But sometimes, it comes in handy. I was blabbermouthing and mentioned something about going swimming, and the lady who was helping us said "Oh, wait. Do you want to use this building [the rec center] or just the pool?"

"... Well, he'd likely just be using the pool, I might use both. Why?"

"Oh, the pool's free to use. It doesn't belong to us, we just borrow it. You can use your faculty ID to get in, and I can sell him a pool pass for $2. A year."

... ... ... "Oh, my goodness. Yes, we'll do that."

And then she didn't even bother taking our two dollars, because I didn't have cash on me and she didn't want to run a card for $2.

So, yea, one way of looking at it would be that my chit-chatting saved us $480 for the year. :) And we had a very good swim.
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Much better!
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