December 31st, 2006


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I'm not doing resolutions this year, since I inevitably end up breaking resolutions on January 4th, but there are some things that I would like to do for me and mine this year, so I'm going to set some goal-type-things and see how that works.

1. Be healthier. Lose some weight, drink more water, be more active, eat more fruits and vegetables.
2. Read more. I read 43 books this year, which is about half of normal for me. Which isn't so good, because I get a little crazy when I'm not reading.
3. Knit more. See above about the crazy making.
4. Be a better friend. Be less lazy about other people doing the work to stay in touch. Do what I've said I'm going to.
5. Keep the house cleaner. Stick to my new shiny housekeeping routine. Do what the voices at barefootvestae tell me to.
6. Get comfortable with driving.
7. Have a life outside of school.
8. Work on finding some faith. Work on learning more about paganism and its various vareties, since that seems to be the direction I'm leaning towards. If nothing seems to fit for now, stop feeling apologetic for my agnosticism. There is nothing wrong with saying "I'm not sure" about as big a mystery as the Divine.
9. Spend less time online. Make the time I do spend online more worthwhile, actually participating in various online communities and talking to people, not just hitting F5.
10. Continue working on living a greener life. Figure out what we're doing right now, and what we're not, and what we can improve, and do it.

There. That should keep me busy for the year. :)

For today, though, I have given myself permission to be as lazy as I want to on this last day of the year. I can't think of a better way to spend the last day of the year than in my pajamas with my honey, watching Netflix, reading books, playing video games, and fixing a big fancy dinner. Happy new year, everyone!
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Oh, man. I did well with supper tonight. We had little green salads for appetizers - red lettuce, and yellow and green peppers (well, pepper - it was half and half) with pomegranate vinegrette (out of a bottle, I'm not that good ... yet), and sirloin steaks fixed ala clockworktomato (though everyone's suggestions look fantastic, enough to keep us busy for awhile; thanks, guys :) ) and roasted garlic and twice baked potatoes and (for me) green beans cooked in the steak pan for the main dish and sides, and cheesecake for dessert. So, so good, and I got to eat in my pajamas. :) I like going outl, but it's nice being able to cook food like this at home, too.

I'm drinking blueberry tea, and poking at the internets, and probably won't make it to midnight. It's been a nice day.