December 21st, 2006


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Rather predictably, I dreamt about my driver's license test last night. They weren't bad dreams - which is a step up from normal, I suppose - just weird. faecat was there for moral support, and the examiner fed us pudding before the test, and I was going to have to drive a wicked obstacle course in their car, which was some sort of little not-quite-a-racecar, which we were examining when I woke up. Sheesh.
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I PASSED! :) I have this magic little card in my wallet that says "driver license" and gives me liberty to go wherever I want to whenever I want to (once we get me hooked up with wheels. We'll work on that.) Woot! :)
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My oldest cousin from California (Michael; there will be a quiz at the end of the week) is in town, and I got to spend a nice long time on the phone with him this evening; it was really good to get to talk to him. I'd love to see him, but I also know that if Jeff and I don't get to some times to ourselves, that by Tuesday, we'll be wibbling, tired, grumpy-assed people. He completely understood, so he's out having dinner with my sisters (which is good anyhow, since it gets them more time with him), and we're at home having a date with a bottle of rum, a bag of candy (check your local Taget now; they too may have Christmas themed candy on sale for crazy cheap), the first disc of season seven of the West Wing, and tacos for dinner. Tomorrow, when his brother my-cousin-that-lives-here Andrew can join us, we'll do lunch (possibly) and last minute Christmas shopping and dinner and games. Tomorrow night late my cousin-from-Virginia Kelly rolls in, so Saturday we should get to hang out with her (I hope) and hopefully some of Sunday too. Her brother Jason rolls in late Sunday night. Michael's girlfriend gets in Sunday as well. Monday, Christmas, is the big family fest, with a huge potluck lunch at my great aunts' and uncle's house, and a smaller pot luck dinner at my parents' house, and more games (board and card) (I can't wait to see what some of these folks do with Apples to Apples) and more hanging out. The family-from-Cary can't make it on Christmas due to work schedules, so presumably we'll see them sometime next week. The out of town family starts departing on Tuesday, though my aunt-and-uncle-from-Colorado (parents of Michael and Andrew) (they're moving back in a couple years, yay) are here until the end of the week.

Clear as mud? I thought so. :) That's actually not all of the family that I'll see this weekend, just some of it. It should be a very good time.

I'm still grinning at my license; I open my wallet, see the big red all caps that say "DRIVER LICENSE" and giggle. It reminds me of when I graduated in May; I spent a couple of weeks randomly opening the folder with my diploma (which I still need to frame; attention, any family looking for last minute Christmas gifts) and giggling like a fiend.

All things considered, the life, she is all right. :)