December 15th, 2006


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So, I got my hair cut this afternoon (pictures maybe eventually; it's very much like the cut I got in Seattle the first time I went short [before I shaved it off], for those of you who were around for that. Short in the back, longer in the front, short enough to mostly stay out of my face if it's down, long enough to be clipped back if I feel like it.) I'd really meant to go shorter in the front, but when she got it to this length, it was very cute and so I was happy to stop there. The chick did an excellent job and I'm way happy, especially considering that I only paid $10 (I love beauty schools. I've never gotten anything but excellent service and a great cut at either of the beauty schools I've frequented.)

The beginning of the afternoon was a little surreal, though...
"So, what are you after today, just a trim?"
"Oh, no, we're chopping most of it off." I braced myself for the inevitable Oh, no, you are not cutting off all that hair, which, fortunately, didn't come. It grows like a weed. I last got it cut August 15th, and we took off around four inches. It'll grow back fast enough.
"Oh, okay. So what are you looking for?"
"Out of my face, short enough in the back that I can't ponytail it, and I don't want to have to use a drop of product on it."
"... Oh-kay. Is it naturally curly or is it like that after you blow dry it?"
"... ... I don't?" I'd honestly forgotten for a minute that there are people who do blow dry their hair; I haven't owned a hair dryer since... California, maybe? Which was 2000.
*blink* "Oh, um, okay."
"What you see here is what I've got. I don't do a thing to it."

And after that it was fine, other than they really wanted to play with my hair (the instructor at the end asked "Can't I put just a little bit of product in it?" "You could, but I'm just going to go home and shower it out.")

Anyhow. Short version: great haircut, feels much better, odd being reminded how un-girly I am.

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Dear body:

You are not sleepy. Do you hear me? You've gotten obscene amounts of sleep since Tuesday, and you are not sleepy again. Get over it.


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