December 12th, 2006


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I don't want to see the phrase "non-institutionalized English-speaking American adults" for several weeks.
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So, we went and dropped off my final, all 800 pages of it, and dropped off my lecture hall keys, and ran by the bank, and got some Arby's for lunch, and ran down to Rocking F to pick up beef for the week, since they weren't out at the farmer's market this last weekend, and now we're home, and I have the whole big afternoon to do as I want to with, and it's... odd. This happens every semester, though; I'm so used to having homework hanging over my head that when I'm done, it's like going from 60 to 0 in three seconds. Do I want to read, or knit, or watch a movie, or reinstall Age of Empires, or do dishes, or.... yea.

Of course, having gotten up early to finish that final, a nap has a certain appeal.