December 11th, 2006


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redzils and the puppy were safely delivered unto the airport this morning. My political soc paper has been safely delivered unto my professor's door. I'm giving a make-up exam (I love make up exams; they count against my hours, and all I have to do is be here.) I'm sucking down caffiene with abandon, because we were up just a little too late talking and listening to music last night (after having my eggnog milkshake for the season, and being given the keys to the kingdom SPSS by Red.) I shouldn't even be up too late tonight with data analysis (though I'm not hitting my self-imposed deadline of today.)

Today, I'm wearing khakis that really need to go through the washer (which I didn't realized until I was here), a Lollapalooza t-shirt that I stole from pyran many years ago, blue glittery slipper socks, and Target brand fake Birks. So sexy, let me tell you.

Red earwormed me with this long last night, and I've been listening to it compulsively ever since. My favorite line is "and now when Christians sit with Pagans, only pumpkin pies are burning." Hers is apparently "Dad, can I be a Pagan?" "We'll discuss it when they leave." Either way, it's a great song.

I should quit babbling and go back to being productive. I need to call and yell at the cashier's office, but I can't do that while this guy is taking his test...
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    Dar Williams - The Christians & The Pagans (Live)