December 9th, 2006

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I am highly suspicious of instant oats, being used to the kind that come in little packets from the grocery covered in who knows what artificial sweeteners and chemicals that, while getting some sort of nutricion into your body, aren't necessarily good.

However, the co-op had bulk plain instant oats the other day, so we got a bunch to try. They aren't bad, actually. They were handy the other day, when I had to be at school at 8am, and they're handy this morning, when we want something quick before trotting off to the farmer's market (besides, we've gone through the steel cut and regular oats). With a touch of butter, some honey, nutmeg, a few raisins, and a little cinammon, they're actually rather good. I still prefer the non-instant ones, but this definitely works.

Also, I have successfully proven, for the naysayer who said that we were going to have to get a dryer come winter, that you can dry clothes outside on the line when the weather is below freezing for a considerable portion of the day. However, you do want to make sure that the clothing in question is not bunched up at all on the line, lest it freeze to itself while drying.
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We got our farmer's marker and co-op runs in this morning. I spent a chunk of the afternoon poking at the first question of my political soc final (95 percent done, and I'll finish tonight. I'll write up question 2 tomorrow, and then spend dribs and drabs of tomorrow and Monday morning finishing up my data analysis final, and then I should be done. :) ) The soft goal is to have both done by noon on Monday, because I have to go into campus to give a make-up final and meet about 101 grades, and it's doable; I should certainly have the political soc one done by then. Hard deadline on data analysis is noon Tuesday.

Dad asked what I'm going to do over break, while we were up in Baltimore over Thanksgiving. I'm going to clean my house, and knit, and watch movies, and read books (lots and lots of books, and nothing academic) and spend lots of good time with my family, and knit, and and and... yea. And stuff. :)

Hope came over this evening, and we had conversation and Scrabble (she won the first game, and I won the second, but only by the margin of a word that she'd pointed out for me, since nothing was falling out of my rack for me, so I figure we broke even on that game) and homemade pizza and salad for dinner. While I was getting the pizza in the oven, Jeff and Hope ran out to Harris Teeter for the essentials of life (sherry and ice cream) and came bubbling back in, saying that we had to go back out after dinner and look at the lights. There's a neighborhood a bit west of here that just has miles of matching huge balls made of lights out in their trees. It was simply gorgeous. I hadn't been out to look at Christmas lights in years, and it was a treat.

We ended up back in Harris Teeter to get salad greens, since we discovered during dinner that what I'd gotten sold this morning were not salad greens, but mustard greens, which are way more tart. I managed not to run into any students who wanted their grade, which is good, since that HT is practically an extension of campus at times. We came home, had some ice cream and eggnog (not spiked, alas), and were reminded about the shuttle launch by ambermae and gorski. We piled out onto the porch, and Hope spotted it, just about the horizon, moving very fast and very very bright. I saw the fracking space shuttle. That is way, way too cool. :)

Life is very good right now.