November 29th, 2006



The big assed paper of doom, that counts for an ungodly part of my final grade in my political soc class (just looked; only thirty percent actually, so, not so bad. It's equal to participation, and heck knows I have that down...) is done done done. I don't want to see the words "religious Left" or "political power" again for awhile. It's not a great paper, and it's not the paper he wanted me to write, but it's solid. So.

Now there's just a theory test (due tomorrow), data analysis homework (due Monday), data analysis final (December 9th) and political soc final (December 9th) standing between me and the end of the semester. I can do that.
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bread making

No-Knead Bread 004
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It's not the world's greatest picture, but earlier this week I hopped on the no-kneed bread bandwagon, sparked a couple weeks ago by the NY Times publishing a recipe for, well, no-kneed bread. Pictured is the result. It had a great taste and texture, and came out like bakery bread - only I made it in my kitchen. I love my bread machine, but occasionally being able to make bread without the bread machine's dense texture and square shape, and with almost no effort, will be lovely.

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A couple of notes: despite my liberally flouring the towels, the dough stuck to the one it was resting on, leaving some dough behind; next time, I'll use cornmeal. Also, because of the liberal flouring, there was too much flour on the bottom of the bread, and it came out a touch overdone. Again, cornmeal should correct this. My dough originally rose for almost 24 hours, due to not having a terribly warm spot in the ktchen , to no ill effect. I used my 8.5 quart Calphalon dutch oven, and baked the bread for 45 minutes total. Perfect. :) We'll be making this bread again (and again, and again...)