November 6th, 2006


weekend report

This weekend was a big pile of mellow, which after the last few weeks, was a good thing.

Friday was quiet. I worked on homework and graded papers (the two constants in my life). We had the chili pie for dinner and rums and cokes and watched DS9. I read a lot, trying to finish that Dick Francis book, since it was due back at the library this weekend and I couldn't renew it. Saturday we did our farmer's market run in the morning, and a library run in the afternoon. We headed out to my parents' in the evening and hung out with them and Hope and my cousin Andrew and played games and ate chicken pie and barbecue (my grandparents' church was having their twice annual chicken pie/bbq dinner. Lots of food, fairly cheap, very tasty.)

Yesterday was more homework, and a lot of grading - I had a set of papers that I'd gotten Saturday and she wanted yesterday, so that ate my morning - and I was finishing up tests, too. We went swimming in the afternoon. I groused about undergrads. I read a little. We had pasta for dinner (good pasta though, with sundried tomatoes and a lot of garlic and chicken Italian sausage in the sauce), and watched an episode of Voyager, and chatted at redzils a bit.

Today's plan is more homework, and more grading, and housework. I'm going to sound like a broken record until the end of the semester.
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