October 31st, 2006


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Happiness is walking into the house really really hungry just as one's boyfriend has finished making hamburgers for lunch. :)
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The produce guy at Harris Teeter had never heard of lemongrass, and was positive that it had never been near his produce section. Feh. Locals, anyone know of an Asian grocer in the Greensboro area?

For Halloween, I am making Spicy Beef Salad for dinner, grading papers, watching Star Trek, and (hopefully) handing out candy. Sounds like a pretty good evening to me. :) We were invited out by ambermae and gorski, but we're still feeling over-peopled from this weekend.

[eta:] the salad was AMAZING. :) We both really liked the dressing (dressing is often very much a hit or miss proposition for the two of us.) We did use parsley instead of cilantro, on recommendation of Jill, since Jeff and cilantro don't play well together. The beef was a sirloin steak from our favorite local beef farm, and the lettuce and the tomatoes (I just sliced up a whole one instead of getting grape tomatoes) were both local (the cucumber, alas, was not.) The steak was grilled for 3 minutes on the George Foreman, and came out just this side of done (usually I require my steak be nearly burnt; this is progress). And, bonus, we only got a 0.68 pound steak in the first place, making this a cheap treat (the sirloin was $5 a pound) and still have enough leftover for one of us to eat this for lunch sometime in the next couple of days. This is definitely going into the recipe rotation.