October 29th, 2006


weekend report

Friday, I had to go do make-up tests in the morning. Make-up tests are actually not a bad deal, since they count against the hours I need for the semester and they let me do homework during. Jeff and I got Waffle House for lunch after I was done, hung around the house for awhile, went to the library, and then headed out of town to the inn where the wedding was being held. We talked to various members of the wedding party and looked at information and pictures about the inn (very historical, very pretty) until everyone had eventually rolled in. We rehearsed as best we could in the inn's living room, since we would have needed an ark to do it outside. We went and had the rehearsal dinner at Sagebrush and came home and fell over.

Yesterday morning, we got up and did our farmer's market thing and made some breakfast and suddenly we were running late. We got packed up and headed back down to the inn, where Jeff read and I and a cadre of other women got Jeni dressed (corset, underdress, overdress, make-up, etc. It took a lot of us). The ceremony started just a little bit late, and was just beautiful, albeit windy (the weather gods had given in to all of our pleas and brought out the sun, but we forgot to request low wind levels too. If the maid of honor looks like Cousin It in any of the pictures, that's why.) Everything happened just as it was supposed to, none of the rings got lost, the train on the dress didn't cause any issues, the readers were perfect, etc, etc. After the ceremony, we took pictures (lots of pictures), and then there was barbecue and fried chicken for dinner, and then there was cake cutting and bouquet and garter tossing, and then we signed the marriage license, and then the tables got pushed out of the way for the dancing to start, and at the terribly late hour of 7:30, Jeff and I realized that we were Done. I had been out of social battery life for about an hour as it was. So we kissed the bride and groom and headed home, just as the party was really getting started. :) It was a lovely day.

We were in bed by 9:15, and I was asleep a little after 10 (when the party was still going on, I'm sure.) I'm getting old.

Between falling asleep so early and the time change, I'm up at a ridiculous hour for a Sunday morning. Today is slated to be house-cleaning and laundry and reading and homework and test grading (if the professor ever emails me the key).

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Marty is licking the condensation from inside the office window. She's always been determined to drink water from anywhere but her water bowl (we have pictures of a young Marty sticking her head in my water glass) but this is new.
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We just had joe-random door to door religious missionary come to our door, dragging around his (5? maybe 6? year old) son and making him do the talking ("Go on, go ahead, son"). At least they were very nice and not at all pushy when I said we weren't interested (and I was very polite myself, because it was a little kid), but still, that just rankles.
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damn time change

Brain: Isn't it like, 10:00 already or something?
Me: No, it's a little past 8.
Brain: Buhhuh? It's late. I'm tired. You're on crack.
Me (looks at clock): Nope, 8pm.
Brain: *hates the time change*
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