October 18th, 2006

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Today was a productive, if long, day. We went swimming on campus, and got some lunch afterwards. We went over to the State Employees' Credit Union, conveniently located right next to school, and I finally opened a credit union account. (Interest bearing checking - that's a novelty.) Once my Keep the Change credit clears into my savings account, I'll get to close my bank accounts, and have my banking in line with my principles (well, except for the credit cards), which will be nice. I went to the library and picked up books for a research paper (the rough draft of which got pushed back a week, huzzah). I mailed a long overdue Bookmooch book. I held a review session (to which all of 3 people showed up, after a veritable forrest of hands saying that Wednesday was great when we voted last week. Bah.) I ate some dinner and went to my own classes.

So yea, I can't complain. However, this Energizer bunny is tired, and it's past my bedtime.