October 14th, 2006


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So, last night was jeni's bachelorette party, which was sparsely attended due to last minute planning on our part, but which turned out just fine and was actually just right with the number of people we had in attendance, which included the lovely redzils, whom Jeni had invited to join the party awhile back, as she was planning on coming down this weekend already. We did hot dogs and bratwurst and cheddar brats on the grill (and thank you to Jeff, for manning the grill) and roasted potatoes and salad for dinner, and then repaired to M'Couls for (more) alcohol and to listen to the wedding band play. redzils and I snuck out of there fairly early, pleading exhaustion, and came home and talked to Jeff for awhile before we realized that we were all falling asleep, upon which we fell over.

This morning, redzils and I ran out and did the household's weekly farmer's market run while the rest of the household slept in. We came home and made second breakfasts (well, firsts for Jeni and Jeff.) We lazed around for awhile, then eventually headed out to Edward McKay (15 paperbacks, $5, score), Quizno's, and Deep Roots. We came home and lazed around some more, with people reading and interneting and napping. It's been a lovely day with some of my favorite people in the world.

And now it's off to the airport to pick up crisavec.