October 5th, 2006


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Last night, I was going downstairs to try to commune with the great caffiene god (who, incidently, took my change but did not return to me caffiene) when I ran into a bunch of folks in my class who'd apparently been talking about how ragged we all are, because one of them look at me and said "See? Joyce is worn out too" to the person she'd been talking to. When I walked back in the room after my unsuccessful caffiene run, one of the cool kids who's never talked to me, and who hadn't heard the previous conversation, looked over and said, "Wow, Joyce, you look tired." So, it was independently confirmed by two classmates last night that I looked like hell. Great. After a night when I'd gotten 8 hours of sleep and spent large portions of two days doing more relaxing than I'd deserved, too.

At least I have a 5 and a half day weekend coming up, starting at 9pm tonight (and probably sooner, considering we keep getting out of class early.) It's fall break. There is lots of house cleaning, some reading for pleasure, and lots of BSG and Star Trek in my future, along with some getting ahead on homework. Maybe, if I can get a little bit ahead, I can spend the rest of the semester not feeling like I'm under the gun.
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